Foundation Stallion "SLR A Twisted Dandy Special"



"Ravensbrooke Spectacular Gypsy Rose"

(Owner: Ashley Metcalf of New South Wales, Australia)

ISHR, 2120 Scotch Hollow Rd., Noel, MO. 64854 
Email: ishrppa@aol.com
866-201-3098 or 417-475-MARE

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The "Pintaloosa" Registry is a  branch of the International Spotted Horse Registry. There are more and more of these "double spotted" equines coming into view everyday and ISHR has recognized the need for these beautiful equines to have a place where they will be noticed and recognized for their extra beauty and spots! 

Have any questions? Please always feel free to contact our office: pintaloosa53@aol.com or ishrppa@aol.com and 866-201-3098 toll free or 417-475-MARE.



"Ravensbrooke RM's Masterpiece"

(Owner: Ashley Metcalf of New South Wales, Australia)


We would like to CONGRATULATE Ashley Metcalf on her winning miniature Horses! We would also like to CONGRATULATE all the winners from each of the class's! We would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful participants who, without them this show would not have been possible. We would like to THANK our wonderful judges who spent a lot of time going through and judging 53 equines in this show - we know that was a very difficult job and we appreciate all of your hardwork you put into going through all of the entries! Thank you: Susan Lorden, Eleanor Lorden & Derek Adkins for judging and determining all of the winners - Thank you: Delia Ryan & Joan Storlie for judging and picking the GRAND CHAMPION & RESERVE CHAMPION, that too was a very difficult task! (to view ALL of the winners of the differenct class's please go to our "home" website at: www.spottedhorseregistry.com and click on link "online show entries") 

Why Register your Pintaloosa?

By Registering your Pintaloosa you will be able to participate in year end award programs, such as our open show program and our Ride and Drive Program. You will receive a beautiful registration certificate and be connected to other Pintaloosa lovers. Help show the world that you love your horses spots and splotches!

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