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3 Miniature Horses for sale!

1st one is a little Mini Mare named Misty who is a Sorrel Tobiano. She is currently in foal by a 34.5" miniature leopard Appaloosa. She is due first part of April of 2018. Misty is 33", triple registered, and about 20 yrs old. Asking right now while in foal $500. All her babies born on this farm have been spotted :)

2nd one is a little Pintaloosa Mini mare named Pumpkin who is a minimal marked Pintaloosa. She is a strawberry sorrel and (just guessing age right now) she is 7/8 yrs old. Pumpkin is in foal by our miniature leopard Appaloosa and she is due in May. Pumpkin is 31" tall and blind in one eye because of an accident she had with a sharp tree branch last year. She gets around very good with 1 eye. Her last baby was 17" at birth and a silver filly (who hasn't as yet spotted out any but is a huge joy to her new owners) Pumpkin is double registered and asking right now while in foal $650. 

3rd one is our beautiful Black/White Pinto stallion "Onyx". He is extremely friendly and loving with people, but must be handled when breeding as he gets very aggressive. He is turning 7 I believe this year. He has sired 5 spotted and 2 solid babies (5 fillies & 2 colts). Onyx is 33" and a very easy keeper. I really hate to sell him, as I have had him since he was 4 months old - so he must go to a very good home. If you don't want a stallion you can geld him and have a very nice, loving little guy that some small child would love to have. He would be very easy to train for cart or riding or both! (he was sold last year, but after I went to see him after 5 months he was skin & bones and very wormy and was left to live in a very small enclosure with very little human contact. I got him back and got him back to his old self - so I am will be very picky as to who and where he goes. Asking price for this guy is $400. He always produces small, beautiful babies. 

Please contact Becky @ 417-475-6273 and located in Noel, MO. You can email me @ I can also make a package deal for the stallion and the 2 mares. If mares not sold by the time they foal, the prices will change accordingly. 

will install pictures as soon as possible! Been very wet and muddy and want to get good pictures of them. Or you can see their pictures on my farm website: (MINIME FARM) OR go on Facebook at MiniMe Miniature Horse Farm.


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