Slim Newlove became a member of ISHR in 1991 and because he was an avid horse lover, trainer and yrained paints and pinto's he became the registry's 3rd Officer in 1992.

Slim's ranch was called NEWLOVE'S PAINT/PINTO RANCH in Enterprice, Ontario, Canada. Slim was also a very good horse show judge, and he traveled all over Canada and even the Uinted States judging different horse shows. 

In his past, Slim was a great rodeo rider, and achieved many awards for his riding techniques. Slim loved to help people in getting started in showing their equines - especially the kids. He always took time to talk to them during the show and give pointers on how to do and look better for each class of the show.

Slim was our judge for several of the shows that ISHR put on in North Carolina, Texas, and here in Missouri. Slim took his task with ISHR very seriously and helped in many other venues besides judging our horse shows. Since he traveled extensively to horse shows he made sure that everyone heard about ISHR and moved many paint and pinto horse owners to our registry. 

Slim helped in providing ISHR hats for the registry to sell and give away as awards for our many programs that we sponsor throughout the years. Slim was also generous with helping the registry in many other ways too. He never charged a fee for judging or asked for reimbursement for his travels to the U.S. to judge any of our shows.  

Slim was admired by many and he will be greatly missed by everyone, but very much missed with this association. We are all saddened and heart broken of the news that Slim had passed away in January of 2022. 

ISHR is taking donations now so that we may be able to purchase a plaque in memory of Slim Newlove. If you would like to donate any amount - please go to - all monies will go towards the purchase of the plaque and Slim's photo on that plaque. All who donate will be placed on the plaque also. Thank you!