In 1990 the International Spotted Horse Registry Association was formed to fill a void in the world of horses with color. (at the very first inception of this registry it was called the "Bi/Tri Spotted Horse Registry".) A few years later the name was changed because people and horses from all over the world were joining this association, so "INTERNATIONAL" was much more appropriate a name. 

This type of association was needed, and so it was formed to accept any and all horses of color - from the smallest of Miniatures horses to the largest of the Draft breeds of which many have the beautiful Sabino markings - and just that can make them eligible for this registry. 

Other color registries require not only the color patterns, but also proof of parentage. Other color registries required some other proof such as gaits or performance or sport type characteristics. ISHR accepts ANY equine (excluding the mules and donkeys) with color.  The breed and/or breed type makes no difference.

ISHR has grown considerably since its initial start in 1990 with its limited acceptance of horses - TODAY, ISHR has reached spotted horses internationally (Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Netherlands, Australia, and more...) and has registered all kinds, types and breeds of spotted drafts, horses, ponies, and miniatures. Not only accepting grades, but ALL horses, whether the equine is a Grand Champion or a families loving pet. If the coat has a color pattern, (meaning any pinto type or Lp pattern type or both, including the Sabino markings) it will and can be accepted - parentage known or not. (sorry, not accepting equine hybrids at this time)


Rebecca Rogers (President) of Missouri
Troy Mullin (VP) of Missouri
Delia McDonald of Massachusetts
Jacklynn Matthews of Montana
Petra Collins of Alberta, Canada
Michelle Crichton of Wyoming
Kathey Violette of Maine


Jackie Grohs of British Columbia, Canada
Michelle Bacon of British Columbia, Canada

(if you would like to become an ISHR Rep. please contact us for more information!)

Remember it is volunteers that make up this registry.  We are not paid to keep this registry going or maintain the various sites.  We do have to work around other jobs and farms, so please be patient.  Volunteers make this registry possible.Thank a volunteer today! 


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